About Unified Physician Management


To make the practice of medicine simpler, more efficient, and more rewarding for doctors and the patients they serve.


To enable our physician partners to be the destination provider for women's healthcare in the U.S.


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UPM's Services

When you partner with UPM you receive the dedication and service of hundreds of industry professionals working behind the scenes to aid in your business success. The team partners with you and your existing management staff to simplify and optimize the business end of your practice so that you can focus on patient care excellence.

As a strategic business partner, UPM strives to make things like managed care contracting, office and medical record technology, purchasing, accounting and human resources run at peak performance. Each of these critical areas are led by experienced, top-notch professionals who work to ensure that your day-to-day efforts result in the best business outcomes for you.

As an example, with UPM's Ob-Gyn focused managed care, including value-based and legacy contracting, contract management and performance modeling, your economic interests are monitored daily by UPM's managed care professionals.

Optimizing the revenue engine of your practice doesn't end with the modern-day approach to payor contracting. UPM's accounting, revenue cycle specialists and top analytics team are working for you as well. You'll receive regular reports of practice performance metrics, monthly profit and loss statements, bank account reconciliation, tax preparation, and much more.  UPM accomplishes much of this through our partnership with athenahealth®.

The UPM co-sourced billing & collections and practice management services powered by athenacollector®, add functionality and efficiency to the process. We provide tools to reduce response time between insurance companies and clients.

UPM's electronic health record (EHR) is powered by athenahealth® which is rated #1 in the industry by KLAS.  Intuitive and user-friendly, it is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and is iPad, iPhone, MAC and Android compatible.

The patient engagement system through athenacommunicator®, utilizes automated messaging, live operators, and a convenient patient portal to help engage patients in their care and significantly reduce your staff's administrative work as well as no-shows.

UPM'S group purchasing program has deeply established relationships with key vendors of products and services used in your office. UPM negotiates the best pricing possible to reduce your overhead.

UPM's Human Resources team gives you the tools necessary to maintain a positive work environment, manage compliance, employee relations, compensation and benefits administration.

A partnership with UPM includes incentives aligned with a modern approach to the business of medicine. The company focuses solely on women's health and the things that matter most to Ob/Gyns and their patients.

UPM's Ancillary Opportunities

Mammography Services

Through its subsidiary company Unified Mammography Services, UPM provides a turnkey, in-office mammography service designed specifically to fit into the typical OB-Gyn practice. You will see your patient satisfaction go up, higher HEDIS scores for payers, growth in new patient visits, and lifesaving screening exam compliance when you take advantage of this service dedicated to women’s health.

UPM works with imaging industry leaders to provide the best possible technology solutions and equipment for the practice and patient alike.  Our radiologists are breast certified and 100% committed to the practice of breast cancer prevention. The comprehensive service includes pre-operational practice assessment, site planning, project management, marketing, installation, inspections, state licensing, and personnel.

Clinical Trials

With over 20 years of experience, UPM’s research subsidiary, Unified Women’s Clinical Research is a leading women’s health care research organization. By partnering with UPM, your  practice can work with UWCR to offer cutting-edge research options to your patients.  Unlike trying to do your own clinical trials and the paperwork and staff hassles that may entail, UPM brings you a complete support system making participation easy and risk free. You’ll provide a valuable service and be paid for your dedication to improving the lives of women.

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