What Our Partners Say

"UPM provides outstanding group purchasing savings, improved reimbursement for Ob-Gyn services, and access to excellent staffing resources. It is exciting to be a member of a revolutionary group that will preserve Ob-Gyn practice autonomy while advancing the quality of women’s healthcare."

Joan L. Bergstrom, MD, Women’s Health Services, Arlington, TX

"Realizing that the independent practice model was a dying breed, I knew that becoming part of a single-specialty group was the best option to address my needs. The reduction in autonomy has been minimal compared to the significant gains in reimbursements, the overall reduction in overhead and the variety of group purchasing options available to me. This growing group of physicians is packed with thought-leaders who also represent us at the County, State and even National Levels. I love being part of a team that is interested in advancing the needs of physicians while providing quality care in the most efficient manner. Come join us!"

Maureen Whelihan, M.D., Elite GYN Care, Greenacres, FL

“The formation of the group in NC has been instrumental in insuring the viability of Ob-Gyn private practice. The UWH structure allows us to run our daily operations with very little change while gaining a great number of advantages. We are happy to be a part of the group and recommend it to anyone who does not want to become an employed physician.”

Vijay Sheshadri, M.D., Triangle Physicians for Women, Cary, NC

"Joining the Group has had two very important and impactful effects on my practice. This relationship has enhanced my financial stability and maintained nearly all of my autonomy. The result: I am now positioned with strength to be proactive rather than reactive in adapting to our rapidly changing healthcare environment. Additionally, this partnership has created access to expertise in the medical arena that was previously unavailable or unaffordable as an independent physician. This has provided me insight into a multitude of previously unknown opportunities and efficiencies available to my practice to enhance my success. It is exciting to be a member of a revolutionary group that now has the strength to help mold the future of women's health with the priority being my success and the delivery of outstanding care to my patients."

Daniel C. McDyer, M.D., Florida Woman Care, Jacksonville, FL

"I am thrilled that A Woman's View partnered with the nation's best Ob-Gyn single specialty group. As part of UWH of NC we have definitely enjoyed increased revenue, lower costs and the benefit of collaborating with other excellent doctors in our state and throughout the nation. The partnership works to preserve private practice and allows us to offer the highest quality care to our patients. It was very exciting for our office to install the foremost 3D mammography technology. We are able to provide comprehensive well-woman care to our patients, essentially making us a one-stop women's health care provider."

Anita Montes, M.D., A Woman's View, Hickory, NC